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Learn to Touch-Type Hebrew Letterrs on your Keyboard!

This is the site that I used to learn how to type in Hebrew: http://www.zigzagworld.com/HKTutor/ It’s designed for kids, but the it’s not too hard for adults!  Basically, letters fly by slowly on a clothesline, and you have to press … Continue reading

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Use of Hebrew in the Mystic Art of Alex Grey

I was recently enjoying the art of Alex Grey, and noticed that at least two of his paintings have Hebrew words in them.   Unfortunately, the web images were too low quality to make out the words.  In the one below, … Continue reading

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Arabic, a Sister Language of Hebrew?

I started studying Arabic via Pimsleur (in my car).  I’ve used Pimsleur before, and love the passive and easy way of learning.   I’ve studied several romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French) and some of them are very similar.  If … Continue reading

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