Pirkei vs Pirchei

There is a Yeshiva named Pirchei Shoshanim.

I was trying to google it the other day using “Pirkei Shoshanim” and couldn’t find any match.  There is a big difference in the words PIRKEI (פרקי)and PIRCHEI (פרחי ).  The first is the plural of PEREQ or PEREQ meaning chapter, saying, as in the famous work “Pirkei Avot”.  “PIRCHEI” with the letter CHET means “flowers of” or “blossoms of”, and this particular yeshiva could be called “blossoms of roses” (or maybe even “rosebuds”?).

Anyway, if you are googling, and you came across this article, perhaps you are looking for the Yeshiva here: http://www.shulchanaruch.com


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