Neal Walters is currently pursuing the 45 hour MAJS (Master Arts in Jewish Studies) through Hebrew College in Boston (mostly via their online program, but also taking “physical” classes while I’m in Boston working.

I’m also the creator of “At Home with Hebrew” at http://HebrewResources.com (please see link on the side bar).  It’s a computer program that teaches a beginner to read and pronounce Hebrew words, while learning some basic vocabulary and grammar.

Classes taken so far:

1) Hebrew 3 and 4 – prerequisites
2) Midrash
3) Genres of Biblical Literature
4) Modern [Jewish] History and Memory
5) Introduction to Talmud
6) Bible – Text and Context
7) Leading the Shabbat Service (Nusach/Liturgy)
8) Jewish Music and Worship
9) Piety and Creativity in the Sidur
10) Master/Discipleship Relationship

Currently taking:
1) Rambam (Maimonides)
2) After the Kaballah – The Jewish Seeker in the Modern World (with Rabbi Arthur Green).

Planning to graduate Spring of 2013, then what???

I finally decided that I should be blogging as I go through my courses, both to show and share what I’ve been learning.

For my profession, I’m a BizTalk and enterprise architect/developer, currently working on a project in Boston.  My home is in Dallas area, but I have recently worked in Ft. Lauderdale, Colorado Springs, Santa Fe, and San Francisco.

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