Use of Hebrew in the Mystic Art of Alex Grey

I was recently enjoying the art of Alex Grey, and noticed that at least two of his paintings have Hebrew words in them.   Unfortunately, the web images were too low quality to make out the words.  In the one below, I’m guessing that he has mapped the Kabbalistic “Tree of Life” onto the human body, and the two words most visible are “Bina” (understanding) and “Chochmah” (wisdom) to the left and right of the head.  Other words seem to be slightly visible on the shoulders and elbows, and perhaps on the chakra points.

Alex Grey - Psychic Energy System

Kabblaistic - Tree of Life

The “Psychic Energy System” is part of a series “Sacred Mirror” series by Alex Grey (  The series begins with low-level anatomical paintings of the human body (skeletal, circulatory, nervous system) and moves to the “higher” forms of man.

I’ll keep you posted if I find the exact words on these paintings.

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