Reading All of Psalms in One Sitting

Psalm 103 Handwritten in English - click to read

In approximately September 2010, I had been out of work a few months, and was about to start a new job (after a previous job had fallen through), and a friend was still out of work.  I had heard of people reading the entire book of Psalms when in need, so one Erev Shabbat we started, read the whole thing out-loud (99% in English, with Psalm 92 [Song for the Shabbat] and 145 [Ashrei] in Hebrew]), alternating one chapter each.  From what I remember it took from about 6:30 or 7pm till 1am (so about 6 hours total).  Anyway, it was an interesting, and I would say motivating and inspirational experience, leaving you with the feeling that God is in control.

My job moved along smoothly (and moved to the next contract immediately after that one), and I wish I could say my friend got a job the next week; it took several months, but he did eventually get a job with better pay and benefits.

So no guarantees – but you might consider trying it sometime.

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  1. Neal Walters says:

    I found this interesting article about the entire King James bible being read aloud publicly as part of its 400th anniversary: They estimate it will be 69 hours.

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