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Can Israel Compost without a Word for it?

How does Hebrew come up with new words? Quite often, an ancient “shoresh” or root (usually three letters) is taken and revised with new vowels. For example, Israel has no word for “compost” or “composter”. They could possibly use the … Continue reading

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Is that really Hebrew on the side of that Volcano in Mexico?

I recently saw a presentation from Jaime Maussan, is a “ufologist” of world fame, and hosts television shows in Mexico.   His website is in Spanish, but you can see English videos of some of his presentation on YouTube.  In his … Continue reading

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Use of Hebrew in the Mystic Art of Alex Grey

I was recently enjoying the art of Alex Grey, and noticed that at least two of his paintings have Hebrew words in them.   Unfortunately, the web images were too low quality to make out the words.  In the one below, … Continue reading

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