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There is a Yeshiva named Pirchei Shoshanim. I was trying to google it the other day using “Pirkei Shoshanim” and couldn’t find any match. There is a big difference in the words PIRKEI (פרקי)and PIRCHEI (פרחי ). The first is … Continue reading

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Is that really Hebrew on the side of that Volcano in Mexico?

I recently saw a presentation from Jaime Maussan, is a “ufologist” of world fame, and hosts television shows in Mexico.   His website is in Spanish, but you can see English videos of some of his presentation on YouTube.  In his … Continue reading

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Arabic, a Sister Language of Hebrew?

I started studying Arabic via Pimsleur (in my car).  I’ve used Pimsleur before, and love the passive and easy way of learning.   I’ve studied several romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French) and some of them are very similar.  If … Continue reading

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