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Why does Laban’s name mean “white”?

For years, I’ve never seen any commentary on why Laban is called “whitie” (literally “white” in Hebrew).  “Lavanah” is one of the names of the moon in Hebrew, because it is white. So often in literature, white is seen as … Continue reading

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From Professor Rodman: How did we ever get to the term “helpmate,” which [a student] has picked up from some other translation? It’s a funny history. The King James Version reads (in 2:18) “…let us make an help meet for … Continue reading

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Punctuation in Genesis 2:4 (favoring the documentary hypothesis)

I’m currently taking “Bible – Text and Context’ and Hebrew College.  Part of the course involves looking at the documentary hypothesis, which typically claims that redactors combined four different sources to give us the Bible we read today.  For example, … Continue reading

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